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  • European Mediation Network Initiative
    – EMNI –


    After discussions at conferences in Switzerland, Denmark, and Finland, a study group formed between 2006 and 2007. On 29 September 2007, the European Mediation Network Initiative (EMNI) was founded at the first European Mediation Conference in Vienna. Among the founding parties are 60 organizations and 60 individuals. Altogether, the network includes members from 47 European countries.

    EMNI understands itself not as a competitor to existing organizations or umbrella organizations but as a complement and a networking offer.

    Among the goals of EMNI are:

    • Improving the coordination in areas of communication, exchange of information, support offers, learning and education, and building and installation of competence.
    • Making the members visible.
    • Promoting mediation and contribution to shaping the future of mediation in Europe.

    In September of 2007, the new EMNI managing board was elected:

    Linda Reijerkerk, Netherlands: elementconsult<at>planet.nl

    Gøsta Thommesen, Norway: gt<at>kindemco.no
    Vice Chair

    Smiljka Gavric, Bosnia-Herzegovina: gavric<at>lol.ba

    Christoph C. Paul, Germany: paul<at>paul-partner.eu
    Secretary, Member Support and Inquiries

    Esra Cuhadar Gurkaynak, Turkey: esracg<at>bilkent.edu.tr
    In charge of contacts to non-European Organizations

    Jelena Arsic, Serbia: jarsic<at>abaceeliyu.org

    Ursula Caser, Portugal: caser<at>mail.telepac.pt

    Ewald Filler, Austria: office<at>europemediation.eu

    Balazs Furjes, Hungary: kozvetito<at>mediacio.hu

    Valeria Gherardini, Italy: gherardini<at>callcentre.it

    Frantisek Kutlik, Slovakia: fkconcept<at>gmail.com

    Gabrielle Planes, France: anmediateurs<at>hotmail.com

    Gordana Ristin, Slovenia: gordana.ristin<at>siol.net

    Jukka Salinan, Finland: jukka.salomaa<at>borenius.com

    Tsisana Shamlikashvili, Russia: president<at>mediacia.com

    Srdan Simac, Croatia: srdjan.simac<at>st.t-com.hr

    Edward Wasievicz, Poland: wasiewicz<at>psmg.pl; edward<at>wasiewicz.pl


    You’ll find further information, the charter, membership applications, etc. at